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1 Day Introduction to the Enneagram

The goal of this workshop is to learn and implement the Enneagram Approach, a tool for understanding clients' personality types and how it affects their behavior patterns. 


Focused on an in-depth presentation of the Enneagram, participants will learn to identify the full spectrum of human consciousness, strategies for development, methods of self-observation and a clear feel for the inner world of each type. Learn More

WHEN:      Friday Mornings, June 12th and 19th | 9am-12:30 pm

WHERE:    Online - 6 Continuing Education Credits Available

COST:        $197.00

Relationships Workshop

Intimate and Professional

Relationships are one of the most rewarding--as well as the most frustrating aspects of our existence. Whether in intimate or work settings, the quality of our relationships has an enormous impact on the quality of our lives and on our careers. Often, the very things that we do not understand in others are the greatest sources of problems and conflicts in our relationships. Clearly, the better we know ourselves and the people in our lives, the more harmonious and satisfying our relationships will be. read more...

WHEN:       October 23 - 25, 2020               

WHERE:     Charlotte, NC

COST:         260.00 Early Bird

                   295.00 After February 2, 2020


The Three Instincts (Subtypes) Workshop

Finding Balance in Your Life

Our instinctual nature, while extremely powerful in our decision-making processes, lifestyle choices, and orientation to day-to-day reality, is often given little emphasis in many spiritual paths, and the Instincts are often treated as an inherent problem-a distortion to be eliminated. This is understandable since this part of our nature is usually a little interested in our spiritual or psychological development. Yet, without a clear and viable relationship with this aspect of our soul, it is extremely difficult to maintain an integrated approach to our path. read more...

WHEN:      TBD

WHERE:    Charlotte, NC 

COST:        260.00 Early Bird

                  295.00 After May 24th


Journey of Growth

Working with the Dynamism and Levels of the Enneagram

The Journey of Growth Workshop is about harnessing an understanding of the vertical dimension of the Enneagram, with all the dynamic inter-relationships of the types, to help us in our journey of psycho-spiritual growth. We explore how the Levels of Development, which provide a vertical dimension to the personality types, make clear the "inner logic" of each type and reveal how the various type traits and motivations, as well as the movement along the arrows, form an interrelated whole. read more...



WHEN:      TBD

WHERE:    Charlotte, NC 

COST:       260.00 Early Bird

                 295.00 After April 10th


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