Transformation:  Breaking Your Spiritual Glass Ceiling

The Enneagram Approach™ to Recovery


Did you know The Twelve Steps to Recovery are often viewed as a process to balance our instinctual drives? Yes, they even suggest the conflicts in our lives are created by what they describe as  “Self Will Run Riot.” The Twelve Steps guide us through a process to specifically identify both how and why our instincts became distorted.  A solution to regain and sustain a healthy relationship with our instincts is suggested and referred to as “Being Restored to Sanity.”


The Enneagram Approach™ to Recovery integrates the suggested methodology of The Twelve Steps into the framework of the Three Centers of Intelligence. The result is a fresh perspective of a powerful process to transform our instinctual drives and sustain our Presence.  Participants will have the opportunity to explore this process and will take away practical tools to Recover the Essence of their True Nature. 


In this dynamic and lively experiential workshop, participants will gain a concise and immediately applicable understanding of the Twelve Steps to Recovery.  We will define one dominant instinctual pattern that creates a repetitive conflict in a significant relationship and make contact while befriending and transforming this energetic pattern on the spot.   This material can be applied as a tool for individual personal growth and for working with others personally or professionally. All levels of experience are welcome to join in!  



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