Transformation Through Recovery


Each of us is recovering from something in our lives.  Many find themselves addicted to alcohol, poker, shopping, food, sex and/or other substance or process addictions. And whether or not we have an addiction such as those mentioned above, each of us, as we navigate our way through life and awaken to see the strategies we have come to employ to manage our lives, may see that we are addicted to our patterns of type.


During this workshop speak about the way both addictions as we know them to external activities or substances, and the patterns of type are similar in how they “run the show” until we wake up and use tools that will assist us in managing our lives differently.  We will look at each of the three centers of intelligence as they relate to having a preference for specific addictions, attachments and patterns.  We will discuss tools we can use for waking up to these addictions and patterns. We will practice through meditation, sharing experiences accessing our inner observer ways we can move beyond and remain awake to make positive changes in our lives.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will be able to identify an addiction or character structured pattern of type that resembles an addiction.

  2. Participants will be able to identify how anger, abandonment and fear must be recognized in order to heal.

  3. Participants will be guided through exercises that assist them with remaining present to anger, abandonment and fear and watch them subside.



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