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Anne Geary inspires change, Her personal mission is to provide the tools and strategies to build solid personal and professional relationships and to ignite a lifelong commitment to achieving one's potential. She is an International Enneagram Association Accredited Professional, and holds certifications with The Enneagram in Business, The Narrative Enneagram and The Enneagram Institute. Currently, she serves on the Board of Directors of The Narrative Enneagram.

Anne work on Emotional Intelligence and the Enneagram is published in  founded Enneagram Charlotte to serve the Healthcare, Business, Education and Recovery Communities. .  Her ground breaking work on the Enneagram and Recovery was presented at the International Enneagram Association Global Conference in 2015 and 2016.  

"My personal mission is to provide people tools and strategies necessary to build a fulfilling life, deepen relationships, and ignite a lifelong commitment to personal development. I interweave the spiritual and trans-personal Enneagram concepts with a pragmatic approach to integrating our whole Being".  ~Anne Geary
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Anne's work is published in  "Cinemeducation: Using Film and Other Visual Media in Graduate and Medical Education." (Radcliffe Publishing 2012). This material introduces the Enneagram to physicians through the lens of Emotional Intelligence and is now also used in classrooms and boardrooms. Her workshop are a multidimensional learning experience including film, music, images, inquiry and movement.

David Daniels, MD

Professor | Stanford Medical School

"Anne is a superb and talented teacher. But more importantly she is kind, thoughtful, experienced, and caring. She knows both the Enneagram material and the organization function and development. When you have the opportunity definitely attend one or more of her classes."

Jenny Yopp

Director | The Cornwell Center

"Anne has successfully impacted both my personal and professional communication effectiveness. My leadership abilities have improved and our team has grown more cohesive, results-oriented, and capable to both overcome obstacles and to excel toward our goals. Anne worked diligently to prepare for both individual engagement and group workshops with our leadership team. I recommend Anne as a resource for growth and improvement in both categories."

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