The Transformation Series: 

Breaking Your Spiritual Glass Ceiling



Are you ready for real change? Let’s face it we are ALL recovering from something – a broken relationship, over spending, or even dysfunctional family dynamics - we are hooked on our patterns of feeling, thinking and behaving.  Most of us think recovery within the context of alcohol or drug abuse, and while this of true, the reality is we are ALL recovering and seeking to become our highest and best self.


Informed by over 30 years in Recovery and 15 years studying the Enneagram, I have developed a ground breaking process that integrates both of these systems: The Enneagram, a map that describes personality and potential when combined with the framework of The Twelve Steps creates a powerful universal process of transformation.

Here are just a few benefits of attending any of the workshops:  


  • Explore your full spectrum of embodied Presence

  • Unlock the relational patterns that keep you hooked

  • Expand your capacity to be transparent in relationships

  • Enjoy new friends. panels, personal inquiry, and music


The Enneagram Approach™ to Recovery integrates Enneagram Theory and The Twelve Steps. The Enneagram, a map of personality and potential when combined with the framework of The Twelve Steps is a powerful universal process of transformation


Steps 10-11-12

August 2-5

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Steps 1-2-3

Fall 2018

Harness the intelligence of your body and ride your inner flow! You don't need to actively be "in Recovery" to experience a deep sense of healing through practicing surrender. True recovery is developing the capacity to become award of our distorted core beliefs while honoring and integrating our higher essential qualities. In this workshop. we blaze a trail from our conditioned sense of powerlessness to true empowerment. As we develop the capacity to self-regulate our emotional reactivity we are more able to stay with and embrace the richness of each moment. Over the course of the weekend we will work together towards authentic empowerment through lecture, panels, music, videos, and personal inquiry.  


Steps 4-5-6  

Winter 2019

We are so much more than we imagine!  In this insightful, impactful weekend, we will explore our behavior and relationships through the lens of our Enlightenment Drivel and our Three Instinctual Drives: Self Preservation, Sexual/Attraction and Social/Adaptation. Looking at the historical patterns and woundings that  kept our stories alive and kicking, and becoming aware and accountable for how we habitually focus our daily energy and habits of attention supports us to establish a more authentic and balanced relationship with our self and others. We wil By looking at the nine different Personality Types and Three Instinctual Drives, we will emerge from this weekend with newfound clarity, purpose, and vision for a more balanced life filled with harmonious relationships. 


Steps 7-8-9

Spring 2019

Making amends is a necessary process on our pathway towards creating sacred relationships. Imagine a three-foot hula hoop between you and another significant person. Now imagine that space as sacred. Would you like to learn and engage new and powerful tools to create and sustain that sacred interpersonal space? We lose contact with our essential sacredness when we identify with and cling to stories from the past (or past relationships) instead of being open, present, and attuned in each moment. Together, we will explore and practice authentic, compassionate communication with others. This workshop will help prepare us to make living amends to build and sustain healthy relationships. 

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