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"Anne is a superb and talented teacher. But more importantly, she is kind, thoughtful, experienced and caring.  She knows both the Enneagram material and the organization, function, and development.  When you have the opportunity, definitely attend one or more of her classes".

- David Daniels - Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford Medical School and Co-founder of the Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition.


"As a student of the Enneagram, we introduce and explore it with our students at the Healthcare Coaching Institute and have created raving fans who want more.  In a quest for a teacher to take us all into a deeper understanding of our first Alumni retreat, I found Anne.  The intention for our half day session was to simplify the patterns and typing and introduce the underlying behavioral instincts accessible for ourselves and our coaching clients.  So happy to have found a Master Enneagram Teacher and to experience a meaningful way to excavate our own divine sparks so we can engage others to do the same.

-Darelyn “DJ” Mitsch, MCC CEO The Pyramid Resource Group and Founder, The Healthcare Coaching Institute   



"Anne's knowledge and expertise are remarkable, and her ability to connect the dots for our life experience is both profound and enlightening.  Her style is informal, comforting and contagious".

- Glen Dulkin, LCP


"Anne has successfully impacted my leadership skills and our team has grown more cohesive, results-oriented, and capable to both overcome obstacles and to excel toward our goals".

- Jenny Yopp, Director, Cornwell Center


"For anyone considering attending The Relationships Workshop, I can not recommend this highly enough.  As a psychotherapist, this workshop provided me with an incredible mixture of both personal growth and professional tools to use with clients. There is no better guide than Anne Geary, her intuitive, knowledgeable nature can only be described as life-changing... in the best way possible".

- Crystall Ferrara, LPC


"Anne brings a vast amount of knowledge, experience, insight, and heart to her work, and her enthusiasm for it is contagious.  Go if you can"!

- Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Ph.D., The Enneagram in Business. 


"Anne Geary presented an incomparable workshop on the patterns of growth for all nine Enneagram types. Anne's ability to bring out everyone's natural gifts creates a holding environment capable of incredible healing as she guides each type with kindness and compassion using gentle inquiry with a touch of playfulness. If you allow yourself, any of Anne's workshops can be a transformative experience. She has an innate understanding of what it is like to embody each type and can intuitively recognize the pace of each participant while respectfully navigating them through his or her journey. Anne is extremely knowledgeable in the Enneagram but her true gift is working with it in the three dimensional, helping us see on yet another level what a dynamic tool the Enneagram can be on the path to presence".

- Jennifer M. Long



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Charlotte, NC 28204

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